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Vision Writing Prompt: Role Reversal

I’ve been forgetting to link these lately – whoops!

For the February writing prompt over on the Vision Writers website I’ve done ‘Role Reversal‘, so check it out.



  1. Daniel Ferguson

    You know, today I was just thinking, what would it be like to tell the story of someone caught in a Groundhog Day-style loop… from someone else’s perspective? Maybe the person in the loop shows up the next day having aged significantly. Maybe the person has these loops every so often as a mixed blessing super power? Maybe the person thinks they’re in a loop but they’re just that predictable and have selective memory and the attention span of an ADD sufferer? And how come no one else is ever caught in the loop with the person?

    • Kirstie Olley

      Could be fun. You could even write each loop from the perspective of someone not in the loop, each day reacting to how the person tries to ‘fix’ things but never knowing they’re doing the same day over again. I look forward to whatever you write 🙂

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