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Original Opening:

When I first wrote Nightfall, it was 7,000 words long. Due to word count restriction, I had to figure out a quicker way to open the story. First, I cut out the market trip (you can read the disembodied scene here, but you may want to read the original opening first for some context), but that still wasn’t enough. My critique group’s president (and some other members too) decided the real meat of the story started at a certain point which was (at that point) halfway through the story, so it was my job to get the start as close as possible to that point. You can read more about the process in this blog post.

You can read the opening before or after reading Nightfall in the anthology ‘18‘, though there is a small overlap because some of the information had to be re-inserted into the shorter opening that was in the final published version.

Read here online, or download the .pdf.

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More Cut Scenes

Read the cut-out market scene (nothing of real note happens – hence it being cut – but you do get to see a lot more of the world).

Some notes to consider when reading this cut scene: Originally the story started very focused on Marrille’s coming of age and that she was fighting against it. Also in this earlier version she had never flown beyond the Eyrie’s borders so this was her first time ever seeing the market town and its inhabitants.

read online here, or download the .pdf. cog dividerDid you know I’m working on a prequel following the life of one of the Last Lords? If you can’t wait to read it please let me know, your enthusiasm will probably bump that story to the top of my to-do list.