My birthday is the same day as World Autism Day, which always feels serendipitous to me since my eldest son has autism. So of course I’ve fallen down a hole in TikTok watching all the sweet/cute/informative videos by and featuring people with autism. I only dragged myself out of this hole long enough to post this because I keep not updating the blog much ;p and let’s be real it’s almost guaranteed I’ll be jumping straight back in once I’m done here.

My main birthday present today was a kotatsu – something I’ve wanted for longer than I’ve been with my husband, which is seventeen years, so not a short length of time. I’m looking forward to writing under its lovely soft blanket a LOT this winter, and am glad I live in the southern hemisphere where that isn’t a very long wait. I’m planing to do a lot of words in my Charming for Hire series there 😀