Kirstie & Xander

Kirstie Olley is an award-winning speculative fiction writer who lives in Australia with her husband T-J, son Xander, daughter Harlequin, and the rest of her menagerie(cats, dogs, birds, fish, guinea pigs & a snake).

Having been telling tales (the good kind and the cheeky) since before memory Kirstie first put fingers to (typewriter) keyboard at age 8 attempting to write her own ‘Goosebumps’ tale. She continued on to teach her ninth grade English teacher the importance of setting word counts for short story assignments by handing in a 27 page novella. Word counts remain her greatest foe to this day(apart from big hairy spiders).

Kirstie runs the gamut of speculative fiction from superheroes and modern fantasy, to apocalyptic fantasy and science fiction, the odd dalliance with Lovecraftian horror, but she loves to write her Retailored Fairy Tales best and has a particular penchant for cross-dimensional tales. In the spirit of her love for speculative fiction she wass President of Vision Writers, an amazing critique group for spec-fic writers in Brisbane, for several years and remains an active member.

Aside from her passion for all creatures great and small she is a self professed Japanophile and the only thing she really misses from her pre-baby life is being able to waste a whole day playing video games.

You can find her on most social media if you’d like to chat with her, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as being able to email her directly at .