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Writing Prompt: the SUPERmarket

This month’s writing prompt over on the Vision Writers website was born from me reminiscing when my old roomate and i used to go to the local clothes dressed up. We’d go out with our wings on, or in formal gear (the actual dresses we wore to our year 12 formals ;p ) and such. Thinking of that made me think about all the people who need to go to the supermarket despite having extraordinary lives. And thus another writing prompt is born.

Check it out if you’re of the writerly persuasion 🙂

Writing Prompt: The SUPERmarket

Writing Prompt: Sliding Doors

Another month another writing prompt over on the Vision Writers blog by me. This time around I’m toying with the alternate histories concept such as the movie ‘Sliding Doors’ used. If you’re a writer seeking inspiration, check it out.

Writing Prompt: Stop. Chimera Time!

I’ve put up another writing prompt over on the Visions Writers website, this time celebrating my love for chimeras. I have chimeras on the brain right now as I prepare to finish off the first draft of ‘Keys, Clocks, Quests’ – in which nearly all the animals are chimeric versions of creatures of our world.

Full Metal Alchemist fans may want to prepare themselves for the picture I used to accompany the post. I am evil.

So if you’re writerly, check out the writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Birds

I’ve posted another writing prompt over on the Vision Writers website. If you’re a writer go check it out.

I was very late with it this month because a gastro bug his my family like a tonne of bricks and took us all out for well over a week.

Also, the little graphic I make with every prompt post, this month is actually a photo taken by one of our regular meeting-attending members, Dave Brine, who is an avid bird watcher. You can stalk him, or watch him stalking birds (and occasionally other Aussie fauna on instagram @birdsofbogan

Vision Blogging: The Power Of The Paragraph

At my writers group meeting on Sunday I outed myself as a bit of a formatting nerd. This had long been known to verterans of the group. I will reformat stories if I can’t read them and in my feedback link the submitter to Shunn’s manuscript formatting guide. I will lop heads off for the sin of not putting page numbers in headers or footers. But this weekend just passed I showed I even get obsessive about the nitty gritty stuff, like paragraphs.

Two people got feedback from me regarding paragraphs, one on how paragraphs can affect pacing and the other on stylistic use of paragraphs. So I made that the meeting takeaway. If you’re curious you can head over to the Vision Writers website where I made the post.

Writing Prompt: Kishotenketsu

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a Japanophile, so of course I’ve used kishotenketsu structure before, most recently and notably in ‘Hanabi to Kitsune'(Fireworks and Foxes).

So for the start of a new year, over on the Vision Writers website, I challenged all the writers who read there to write a story in kishotenketsu structure.

Check out the prompt and links to some sites I found handy when learning about kishotenketsu myself that I’ve put over on the Vision Writers site.

The Dark Canvas of the Imagination

 I’m posting on the Fox Spirit Books blog today, a piece to help promote the just-released Pacific Monsters anthology which contains my horror story: Mudgerwokee.

The blog post is about why we’re afraid of the dark… or rather it started out that way and kind of turned into a flash fiction piece.

Check out the post and let me know if you like it, and if you’re a horror fan have a look at Pacific Monsters while you’re on the Fox Spirit website.


Vision Blogging: Nameless Roses

original photo by Lukas Roberston on Unsplash

We had a great turnout at the Vision Writers’ Group meeting this month. For a while now we have been averaging 6-7 people a meeting, but we were back to nearly filling up the table today. It was a good mix of veterans and the newcomers of this last year, and two first timers.

As usual there was heaps of good advice, but I decided to go with some advice around avoiding naming your character for stylistic or big reveal purposes. You can check out the article over on the Vision Writers website.

A Rose By Any Other Name – Or Without One?

Vision Writing Prompt: Inheritance

Another writing prompt over on the Vision Writers’ Group blog. Go check it out.

Writing Prompt: Inheritance

Vision Blogging: Giving Your Reader Setting Up Front

Another month another writers’ group meeting. We had a great one with both of last month’s newbies returning for round two, and a couple more newbies making their first appearance. Though a lot of our veterans were at the retreat there was still a lot of great feedback given on the submitted pieces and of course I’ve posted my ‘meeting takeaway’ piece of advice on the Vision Writers website.

Giving Your Reader Setting Up Front



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