Vision Blogging: Artsy Writing Prompt

393px-MediatedReality_videocam_with_tv_on_easel_at_niagara_fallsI just posted another writing prompt over on the Vision Writers website. It has the potential to become a time suck too though, browsing through all that lovely art. On the other hand, it’s much more unlikely you’ll have the same idea as another writer.

I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it if you’re a fellow writer :)

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Vision Writers At BWF 2015

bwf15-35Saturday afternoon went off quite well, I did the full write up on the Vision Writers website, so I’ll link you rather than rehashing it all here.

My only concern was I think a lot of the audience might have thought I was playing around on my phone while the event happened – but I was using the stop watch app on my phone to keep an eye on each person’s feedback time. We limit verbal feedback to 2 minutes a piece per person. Nearly everyone kept under, I only had to ring the bell three times. Gah! I hope no one thought I was a jerk on my phone!

Check out the full write-up here.

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Upcoming Appearance At Brisbane Writers Festival

The Brisbane Writers Festival loves to trip you out ;p

The Brisbane Writers Festival loves to trip you out ;p

Exciting news! Vision Writers are making another appearance at the Brisbane Writers Festival.

Are you curious as to how the meetings are run? Wondering how cutting the critiques are? Just want to check out our ugly mugs? Well drop by the Kuril Dhagun lounge (in the State Library Queensland) at 4pm on Saturday 5th of September and you can have all those questions answered.

You can book your free tickets on the Brisbane Writers Festival website now, or come along on the day. The site says bookings essential, but unless we go over capacity showing up on the day is fine.

Three members will be reading their short stories aloud to you and then the rest of the group will either praise or eviscerate them for your entertainment. What more could you want from a Saturday afternoon?


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Vision Blogging: Cheese Demons

cheese demonOK, OK, the post I’ve made on the Vision Writers blog for last weekends meeting isn’t about cheese demons… entirely. Cheese demons is just a new in joke as Bel from Belinda’s Baubles referred to  our ‘two Stephens’, but in my sleep deprived state I heard ‘cheese demons’.

The whole group got to meet Harlequin too as I brought her along. I’m confident she is the youngest person to attend a meeting in the group’s 19 years.

Anyway if you want to know what I thought was the biggest take away from the meeting check out the post on Vision Writers.

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BFOB Catalogue Launch

I'm quite amused that one of the books beside 18 was about babies considering I'd left my 6 week old at home to attend the launch

I’m quite amused that one of the books beside 18 was about babies considering I’d left my 6 week old at home to attend the launch

Oh my god! She’s still alive!

Yes, yes, I live. I don’t sleep a lot, but I live ;p

I thought I’d update you quickly on a bit of news: the Vision Writers anthology ’18’ has been included in the Books From Our Backyard catalogue released by the Queensland Writers Center’s.

There was a launch event for the catalogue’s release last night and Talitha Kalago and I attended. We had a wonderful time talking with fellow authors, QWC staff, agents, and editors who attended and I *may* have pigged out on hors d’oeurves ;p I also enjoyed dressing up and wearing high heels for the first time since the Aurealis Awards last year.

The Books From Our Backyard catalogue contains a massive list of books by Queensland authors, covering every genre(no joke, everything fiction and non fiction alike), so is well worth checking out to help you pad out your to-read pile (because we all totally need help with that!).

The books featured in the catalogue will remain on display at the State Library Queensland, but if South Bank isn’t within reachable distance for you don’t forget 18 is available free online from here

You can also read my more official post about the event on the Vision Writers blog .

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May Goals Round-Up 2015

This is more a brief update for you all. Things have been tougher this pregnancy than last time, including but not limited to edema making my fingers swell so even typing is a painful exercise. That’s why there have been very few posts lately. Also why I haven’t been slaying my goals as I originally intended before the birth.

Don’t panic, I’m not going away. I’ll still be posting monthly writing prompts on the Vision Writers site (and linking to them here) and working (though mostly mentally) on more new stories. However there may not be a lot of posts since my due date is less than two weeks away and the first 6-8 weeks… well if you don’t know what the first 6-8 weeks of raising an infant are like here’s one article I loved reading which will give you an insight into it (language warning)(missing a few details, but with a few things I suffered through less, but that’s the thing, everyone has a slightly different story).

Anyway, I look forward to posting more soon, but how soon… we’ll see ;p

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Vision Blogging: Princessey Writing Prompt

liwayway-560x792I’ve been blogging on the Vision Writers’ site again, this time another writing prompt with a princessey twist.

Make your way over and check it out and (hopefully) be inspired :)

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Vision Blogging: Out Loud

Høytlesing_-_no-nb_digifoto_20150218_00202_NB_MIT_FNR_19177Blogging once more on the Vision Writers website about yesterdays meeting and what I thought was the best piece of advice given. Curious? Check it out – and my sneaky gaming reference(which I’m delighted to have snuck in since I was wearing a shirt that had an in-joke for players of the Atelier series of games at the meeting ;p )


picture sourced from Wikimedia commons and the National Library of Norway

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March Goals Round-Up 2015

dramaThe month started out well enough, then my body decided to abandon me(more than one trip to the hospital to check baby was doing better than I was and fortunately she was fine even though I was not) and by the time I recovered from that my life decided it needed some more drama on top of that – but let’s not get bogged down in that.

I achieved goal #5(start my newsletter). Yes goal #5 is completed. Done and dusted at last and you can sign up here and get the free bonus ebook of ‘Stolen Hearts’.

Goal #4 (writing and submitting short stories) I wrote 6,000 new words in two different short stories. One(working title: Light In The Deep) was intended for a specific anthology but I blew the word count out of the water and haven’t even finished the first draft so I (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and started writing another story(working title: The Broken Mirror) since to trim Light In The Deep down to word count would take out too much of what I love about the story.

Also – kind of goal #4 related – both Short Circuit and Stolen Hearts were listed as honourable mentions for Twelfth Planet Press’ Years Best Speculative Fiction 2013 anthology. I totally would have missed that without the keen eyes of Shane Halbach (thank you 😀 ).

Goal #6(keep learning) was furthered by watching a Holly Lisle webinar and joining Critters (but because of the drama I’ve fallen behind :( ) so I’m working hard on that as always.

And lastly goal #1(being a good president to my writers group) kept me busy with trying to reorganise a new meeting date since our usual ‘first Sunday of the month’ meeting day was Easter Sunday. Still don’t know for sure if I’m doing a great job, but no one’s tried to depose me yet ;p


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Vision Blogging: Best Laid Plans Of Mice And Writers

5672820439_c09ab6a0b9_mBlogging about the April meeting (which we had a week early to avoid Easter) over at Vision Writers. Head over to check it out.

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