Here you can find free short stories of by Kirstie Olley as well as sneak peeks from larger works (both longer short stories and novels). While most can be read right here (or if that isn’t convenient you can download the .pdf instead) some have been published offsite, but all are still free to read.


Full Stories


Stolen Hearts

New Addition!

Marerica, a teen blessed with the ability to hunt by scent, chases down the junkie who stole her grandmother’s heart hoping to retrieve it before he eats it and turns her granny into soulless shell for the rest of her life.

Stolen Hearts was originally printed in the 2013 Redlitzer Anthology, but with the anthology out of print I decided to re-release it in e-copy and give it away as the sign up freebie for my newsletter. If you’d like to receive updates when I release new fiction (and discount existing stories) sign up and grab your copy.


Anything To Fit In

published on 365 Tomorrows

Leila was queen bee at her old school, but a transfer for her father has taken her far away where her appearance no longer wins her friends – how far will she go to be part of the crowd again?

Check it out here on 365 Tomorrows.



In a world on the brink of apocalypse a little dove, Marrille, takes to the endless dusk sky and faces a choice between the world’s fate and family.

The Vision Writers anthology ’18’ is now free so you can read Nightfall and the other stories within now. Grab it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Inktera, or Scribd now.


Emily’s Typewriter

A husband’s tale as he watches a new-fangled contraption take over the life of his beloved wife. Where is the line between obsession and possession?

Read here, on Wattpad, or download the pdf


Kina’s Climb

Beset on all sides by enemies Kina regularly undertakes a dangerous climb to keep her foes at bay, but today she will see something that turns her world upside down.

Read here or download the pdf.


Eyes On The Sky

A young office worker falls in love with a man on the train, but as she tries to get closer to him she discovers the secret behind why he always watches the moon so closely.

Read here or download the pdf


Worm’s Comet

Looking for something you can read in a minute? A 101 word flash fiction I wrote might tickle your fancy. A summary would probably be longer than the story itself, so just read here!


Back To Work

A Mother’s Day freebie focusing on a new mother who is about to return to work, but is having trouble deciding whether her love for her child wins out against her love for her job.

Read here or download the .pdf


Sneak Peeks

With the sneak peeks please understand they are from works in progress and may change by the time they are published, but feel free to enjoy these little tastes.


Battle With A Butengram

(excerpt from Keys, Clocks, Quests)

A hunting trip goes awry for Hayd and Even when they cross paths with a massive carnivore, a butengram.

Read here or download the pdf.