<3 paper clips courtesy of Kikki K

My goals board. <3 paper clips courtesy of Kikki K

For most of last year I had a small cork board on the living room wall. On it I put the goals that had highest priority to me.

Early this year Xander finally gained the climbing dexterity to reach it and – as you can imagine – tacks and toddlers are an unwise mix, so it was pulled down and put away.

This happened while I was down and out with my vertigo so by the time I felt better there was so much work to do the last thing on my mind was my goals board. That is, until I started noticing that everything was being prioritised over my writing. Even things I normally prioritise lower (like playing games – much as I love to it doesn’t earn me money ;p ) were getting done before writing. It wasn’t until today that I pin-pointed why this was happening.

My goals board.

I didn’t have my writing goals somewhere where I would be reminded of them and their importance multiple times a day.

I managed to contrive a piece of cardboard which I can clip my goals onto using paperclips and hang it in the living room. Now I have my visible goals and no toddler terror.