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My Retirement

No, not from writing (it’s been a tough last four months but far from how bad it would need to be to make me do that!). I’m retiring from being president of my writers group.

I’ve been the president of Vision Writers for the last four years. It’s been a wonderful time, and the group has had several changes I’ve had the privilige (and sometimes the challenge ;p ) to undertake.

We’ve had so many new members join over my time, and a surprisingly large amount of them to stay on. An anthology was collected too (the ebook Darkest Depths can be bought from most ebook retailers, the print is a limited edition run however.)

It’s been a good time, but a combination of my own time becoming more scarce (and therefore me worrying I can’t devote the time the group deserves) and a desire for others to step up has made me decide now is the time to step down.

I’m remaining a member of the group – you’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming from them ;p  – just now, only a member.

At the Christmas party on Sunday, the last group event in which I was still president, I was given a beautiful hard cover version of The Blade Itself. Best of all it’s filled with many of the members well-wishes. I usually mock when people say they feel ‘blessed’ (thanks to the ridiculously overused hashtag), but this is one case where I do feel it.

I’m sad to leave the position, but I’m also excited to keep going and see how, in 2019, it will be different.

Vision Blogging: Understanding Powerful Scenes with Game of Thrones

Game_of_Thrones_title_cardBlogging again over on the Vision Writers website today while riding the high of watching the first episode of the new season of Game of Thrones. What I’m blogging about however is one of those ‘filler’ shows the networks put on before and after to try and rope in the viewers and how that filler show might actually prove helpful to writers (both myself and others).

Understanding Powerful Scenes with Game of Thrones

Under Construction

Under_ConstructionHi guys, just a little post to let you know things are going to be chopping and changing a bit around here, so if things look a little weird, it’s not permanent – I’m playing around with the themes and look of the website.

The content is still the same, and (mostly) should still remain visible if you want to keep browsing, but things might not look as pretty as they should ;p

I’ll let you know when things are finalised.

Vision Blogging: Cheese Demons

cheese demonOK, OK, the post I’ve made on the Vision Writers blog for last weekends meeting isn’t about cheese demons… entirely. Cheese demons is just a new in joke as Bel from Belinda’s Baubles referred to  our ‘two Stephens’, but in my sleep deprived state I heard ‘cheese demons’.

The whole group got to meet Harlequin too as I brought her along. I’m confident she is the youngest person to attend a meeting in the group’s 19 years.

Anyway if you want to know what I thought was the biggest take away from the meeting check out the post on Vision Writers.

May Goals Round-Up 2015

This is more a brief update for you all. Things have been tougher this pregnancy than last time, including but not limited to edema making my fingers swell so even typing is a painful exercise. That’s why there have been very few posts lately. Also why I haven’t been slaying my goals as I originally intended before the birth.

Don’t panic, I’m not going away. I’ll still be posting monthly writing prompts on the Vision Writers site (and linking to them here) and working (though mostly mentally) on more new stories. However there may not be a lot of posts since my due date is less than two weeks away and the first 6-8 weeks… well if you don’t know what the first 6-8 weeks of raising an infant are like here’s one article I loved reading which will give you an insight into it (language warning)(missing a few details, but with a few things I suffered through less, but that’s the thing, everyone has a slightly different story).

Anyway, I look forward to posting more soon, but how soon… we’ll see ;p

Retreating From The World

This weekend just passed I enjoyed going on a writers retreat.

The view from the whale watching tower atop the house we rented.

The view from the whale watching tower atop the house we rented.

We rented a house on Stradbroke Island within walking distance of the beach – because that never distracted any writer ever… and now I may or may not have slight sunburn on the top of my bump(but nowhere else).

There was writing and editing, there was voting for funny awards (like ‘most likely to give the rest of us a complex’ and ‘most distracting’) and math used to calculate our best achievers, there was tasting of medieval themed drinks like mead (which was actually what started the whole idea last in June last year), there was a party house across the road(who won the aforementioned ‘most distracting’ award), and many new in-jokes created.

While all the attendees were members of Vision Writers it wasn’t an official Vision Writers retreat(I was  not president when I started organising it, only vice president(nor was I pregnant when I STARTED organising it ;p )).

Let me assure you there is more to organising and wrangling such a large number of people than you’d think. However I set myself an editing goal and both achieved and exceeded it, plus this morning (though not officially part of the retreat but rather an extra day of camping I tacked on the end of it so I could enjoy some time with Xander and T-J on the island as well) I wrote a 500 word flash fiction piece I’m currently calling Ella’s Baby. So productivity was enjoyed.

We had a lot of fun and I hope to do it again, but I don’t see the future letting me arrange another one until next year at least.

Duct-Taped Laptop Saga Finale

a salute to the dearly departed DTL

a salute to the dearly departed DTL

Some of you have been following (probably not with much interest) my posts about my duct-taped together laptop. I got a few messages expressing surprise that it was still working even a year later!

Unfortunately around the time of my anniversary poor old DTL(Duct Taped Laptop) decided that was it, he’d limped across the finish line at long last and could sleep in heavenly peace.

And he was promptly replaced with SNL(Shiny New Laptop) as an anniversary present.

There were discussions before the purchase of SNL about what to get. We’d been keeping our eyes out for quite a while, knowing DTL could pass away any day. My husband was convinced a tablet was the best idea, but a lack of storage (anything less that 500gb is just, pffft, right?) and my weird issue about typing without a real keyboard made that unappealing to me.

We compromised and bought a laptop with a flip around screen so it can be a tablet, then transform back into a laptop. My storage, my keyboard, his desire for a tablet (BTW, he has his own tablet, so I have no idea why he was trying to ‘bowling ball for Marge’ me). Everyone’s happy.

But let us all shed a tear for the passing of DTL.

Lucky Duck

trouble twistersI entered a giveaway on the wonderful website – Speculating on SpecFic – and won. My prize arrived the other day but due to my typically hectic lifestyle I haven’t had a good chance to admire them yet. The Trouble Twisters books look like slightly younger fare than what I generally indulge in, but I never could resist twins, particularly magical twins. I mean Fred and George people. Nuff said. Bel and Losara from the Broken Well Trilogy are another good example. (I might have to do a post about magic twins, but I might out myself as a crazy fangirl. Oh, you already knew? Well then ;p )

You might be interested to learn that the anthology 18 (with my latest story Nightfall in it) is free again. How lovely, I get free books, you get free books – karmic cycle ;p

30,000 Words Milestone

12000Yesterday I passed the 30,000 word milestone for NaNoWriMo. This was in no small amount thanks to the local NaNo retreat I went on and the 12,000 word day I had on Saturday.

12,000 words! In one day!

Oh man, I wish I had more days where I could sit down and do nothing but write. It makes me want to be a full-time writer even more.

Also, stickers are still an amazing incentive, even in your thirties ;p

Thanks to the Brisbane municipal liaisons and all their effort organising a fantastic weekend.

And The Winners Are…

The 2013 Redlitzer Anthology giveaway finished last night and our two lucky winners are Faith McKay and Talitha Kalago!

Congratulations, I’ll be in contact with you both shortly to arrange how to get your copies to you.

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