This is more a brief update for you all. Things have been tougher this pregnancy than last time, including but not limited to edema making my fingers swell so even typing is a painful exercise. That’s why there have been very few posts lately. Also why I haven’t been slaying my goals as I originally intended before the birth.

Don’t panic, I’m not going away. I’ll still be posting monthly writing prompts on the Vision Writers site (and linking to them here) and working (though mostly mentally) on more new stories. However there may not be a lot of posts since my due date is less than two weeks away and the first 6-8 weeks… well if you don’t know what the first 6-8 weeks of raising an infant are like here’s one article I loved reading which will give you an insight into it (language warning)(missing a few details, but with a few things I suffered through less, but that’s the thing, everyone has a slightly different story).

Anyway, I look forward to posting more soon, but how soon… we’ll see ;p