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Vision Writing Prompt: Opening and Ending Lines

I’ve posted another writing prompt on the Vision Writers website. This time I’ve come up with some lines that could be opening OR ending lines and am challenging/hoping to inspire you to pick two lines, make one your start the other your end. Head over to the Vision Writers site to check it out.

Vision Blogging: The Unlikeable Ones

photo by Fabrizio Russo

After another great meeting of the Vision Writers Group yesterday I’m all excited by having three brand new members show up as well as several recent newbies come back again. I also LOVE it when newbies are hungry for and appreciative of our feedback. It always makes me so happy 🙂

Once again I’ve done a ‘meeting takeaway’ post over on the Vision Writers blog about my favourite piece of feedback given. This time the advice was on how to make unlikeable characters more relatable. Check it out

The Unlikeable Ones

Vision Blogging: Wrongly Accused

Another month another writing prompt over on the Vision Writers website, check it out to get your creative juices flowing.

Writing Prompt: Wrongly Accused

Vision Blogging: Tongue Twisters To Life

Another writing prompt over on the Vision writers blog today. i hope you have fun with it 🙂

Writing Prompt: Tongue Twisters To Life

Vision Blogging: Keep On Keeping On

As usual after the monthly Vision Writers group meeting I’ve posted a meeting takeaway post on the Vision Writers website. You can check it out here.

Vision Writing Prompt: Eavesdropping

Just sharing the writing prompt I put on the Vision Writers website today.

Vision Writing Prompt: Role Reversal

I’ve been forgetting to link these lately – whoops!

For the February writing prompt over on the Vision Writers website I’ve done ‘Role Reversal‘, so check it out.


Vision Writing Prompt: First Line Fun

I’ve been writing these every month, but I’ve been forgetting to cross-post them here. Oops ;p well, I’ll get back on track again now.

Writing Prompt: First Line Fun

Vision Blogging Double Punch

Over on the Vision Writers website you can check out yesterday’s meeting takeaway post on ‘War and Commerce’ and the most recent writing prompt, ‘Weak Sauce’, too. Head over and give them a look through.

Vision Blogging: Character Overload

As usual on the first Sunday of the month I’ve made a blog post about what I thought was the best piece of advice given at the Vision Writers Group Meeting.

I always feel a little bad when I pick feedback that was given to a newbie for the blog post, but sometimes that advice really was the best advice that week (other times the other good advice has already been blogged about), so there’s no other option really.

So for the second month in a row let’s look at some advice our newbies copped.

Character Overload

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