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All around the place at the moment are posters up that say “Can’t” in big, bold lettering and a tiny URL down the bottom. The minimalist approach is to inspire people to look up the website in the hopes that the lack of information will be irresistible.

It won’t work on me. Okay, sure, I’m as curious as all hell. No joke. I’m being driven mad by curiosity, but I’m irritated by the fact they’ve used a negative word for their advertising rather than a positive. I would rather see ‘Can’ than ‘Can’t’. If they had chosen the positive word I wouldn’t keep my curiosity at bay. Right now though I don’t want to see the word can’t everywhere I look, so I’m ignoring the advertising as best I can because I don’t need any more negativity in my life.

Really, what marketing genius decided can’t was a better option than can?

Am I being unnecessarily obstinate, or do you agree they could just as easily have chosen a positive word?


  1. Kath Lockett

    Actually I think that by using a negative word, it’ll generate more curiosity as we’re used to the positive affirmation, feel-good style of posters which are everywhere.

    It’d make me stop and wonder why they used such a word. Then I’d not be able to help myself but look at the link underneath.

    • Kirstie

      I understand where they are coming from a marketing point of view, I just didn’t like that they used the negative instead of the positive. However it seems to have been part of an over-arching scheme as the posters are now changing over to ‘Can’ with a logo going over the ‘t’ of can’t to make it can and show the company’s logo – thus they have sated the cranky-pants in me ;p

  2. Murfomurf

    I’m totally put off as well- even after my partner took a photo of the sign on the bus stop wall! If they can’t, I can’t be bothered.

  3. Richie

    I was thinking it might all be in the subject matter! Maybe a positive word would not have suited what was being advertised! I mean im all for possitive reinforcment around the place! Espacialy knowing how much our subconciouse determins the way we act! Buy sometimes it just not possible to do the opposite or reverse of the idea ur trying to put forward!

    Also what does ut say about me that im so lazy that the add had me wondering what “cant” could possible be advertising and yet i couldnt be stuffed looking up the link cuz it seemed like too much work! Even though i have a smart phone right here in my pocket easily capable of finding out in unfdr a minute! And i always complain that tv adds go for 30 seconds because the people who design them belive they cant hold ur attention for any longer! And even as i ait here in my phone commenting on a blogg, i just lnow that when i’m finished im still not gonna go find out what its advertising!!!

  4. Marita

    I’ve only seen the bus stop ads with the ‘t in can’t covered in the CBA logo.
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    • Kirstie

      Last week all those signs read can’t, but this week they’ve slapped up the CBA logo over the t. I’m glad they moved to a positive in the end, but last week wasn’t fun, working every day and driving past four bus stops and then a sign right by the door to my store all telling me ‘Can’t’

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