All around the place at the moment are posters up that say “Can’t” in big, bold lettering and a tiny URL down the bottom. The minimalist approach is to inspire people to look up the website in the hopes that the lack of information will be irresistible.

It won’t work on me. Okay, sure, I’m as curious as all hell. No joke. I’m being driven mad by curiosity, but I’m irritated by the fact they’ve used a negative word for their advertising rather than a positive. I would rather see ‘Can’ than ‘Can’t’. If they had chosen the positive word I wouldn’t keep my curiosity at bay. Right now though I don’t want to see the word can’t everywhere I look, so I’m ignoring the advertising as best I can because I don’t need any more negativity in my life.

Really, what marketing genius decided can’t was a better option than can?

Am I being unnecessarily obstinate, or do you agree they could just as easily have chosen a positive word?