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Working Hard and Watching TV

Well the three weeks of working 5-6 days a week at the day job are finally over – huzzah! Of course I’ve been battling through it with a cold which – now the work has paced back – has become even worse. At least now I have a chance to catch up and start blogging at my more usual pace of every 2-3 days rather than the meagre once every 5-6.

During what little downtime I had our family was playing catch-up with TV. We’d watched halfway thru the first season of Lost at the time it was originally airing, but then became distracted by some other show and never caught back up. So we just watched the whole she-bang in marathon style each night. For all the complaining you hear people make about it I expected it to be much worse. Also thanks to the radio station who on a drive home from work while they talked about spoilers gave the spoiler for the ending. Luckily the guy who gave the spoiler clearly didn’t understand the ending so over simplified it thus making it not that much of a spoiler. I also think some of the irritation others felt sprang from EVERY episode ending in a cliff-hanger. When watching weekly that would have me chomping at the bit as well. It was a lot easier when the longest distance between episodes was 24 hours.

We also watched the last episode of House last night. Don’t worry, no plot spoilers here, but the ending definitely satisfied me. The episode itself was a little odd, but it was a good way to wrap things up. Does anyone know if the song that ran at the end is sung/written by the band that wrote/performed ‘Hell’ (you’ll probably recognise the lyrics better: in the afterlife, you will be headed for some serious strife, now you make the scene all day, but tomorrow there’ll be hell to pay), I’m too lazy to look it up right now. If no one answers I might get up off my metaphorical ass and look around the interwebs for the answer, but I have to get ready for my next day-job shift soon.

I’ll talk more about re-writing my opening chapters based on critique and a review of Jane and the Dragon soon.


  1. Kath Lockett

    I gave up on ‘Lost’ about a third of the way through season 2. Because I had to wait a week between episodes and then missed a couple, it became incomprehensible to me.

    Perhaps borrowing the series and seeing it the way you guys did would be the best way to go. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never seen ‘The West Wing’ and we have series 1-3 still sitting on the shelf, waiting….

    • Kirstie

      Lost was definitely a show you couldn’t miss an episode of – not if you wanted any idea of what was going on.
      We watch a lot of shows marathon style actually, we’re still avid tv watchers, it’s one of my naughty habits I just can’t break. The West Wing, that’s another show on the to-watch list, we’re so behind on everything ;p

  2. Liz

    Yikes. I’m so glad your crazy work schedule is over with!

    I still need to catch up on Lost. I watched the first season or so back when it aired, and then I think my work schedule changed or something because I stopped watching it out of nowhere, for no good reason. (The same thing happened to me with Supernatural. I’m way behind.) Someday, I’m totally going to catch up — especially so I can see what the hell everyone’s been talking about.

    The only three shows I watch religiously are Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones. There are a few other shows I like (like How I Met Your Mother and Raising Hope), but I never catch them when they’re airing for the first time.
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    • Kirstie

      I also love the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, but we have to wait until Xander’s in bed to watch those. He may only be 17 months and have no idea what is going on, but I don’t really want those images in his mind on any level of awareness. He was asleep in my arms at the end of the *spoiler alert for early second season of Game of Thrones* episode when all the child killing happened. I held him so tight and demanded we watch a comedy before going to bed and didn’t let him go all night.
      I’m so glad to hear we’re not the only people who fall behind on shows, you’ve also reminded me I’m behind on Supernatural too.

      • Liz

        That was an awful episode. I don’t blame you! I don’t have any babies (yet), but I was a hot mess watching that. I don’t do well with anything that depicts children dying.
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        • Kirstie

          That was the first thing I’ve watched in which a child dies (in any way, not to mention the brutality) since I became pregnant. I suppose at least I should be glad I’m not completely desensitised to violence…

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