A few months back I wrote a story I intended to put in my critique group’s anthology, Glass Bones. Unfortunately, I busted out the word limit and shelved it while working on a different story for the collection. However I love Glass Bones and a lot of what I’m trying to say with it (some subtly, some not so much). A couple of months ago I heard about an upcoming anthology from Twelfth Planet Press which sounded really cool and when I read more sounded like a great fit for Glass Bones.

The anthology, Kaleidoscope, is on Pozible trying to pull together enough money to go ahead at full steam. The anthology sounds like it will be an amazing read so far and I love the inclusion it intends to show.

When the funding reaches $7,000 the open submission period begins and I’m sure you can guess I really, really want to submit Glass Bones, but also I really want to read this anthology when it comes out so I’m asking everyone if they couldn’t pop by the Kaleidoscope Pozible page and donate whatever you can afford toward what I’m sure will be an awesome publication.

If you’re curious about Glass Bones you can read more about it on my ‘Current Projects‘ page.