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Internet Hiatus

Spring has sprung and I’m finally starting to feel healthy and energetic again. For the last 18 weeks I’ve been suffering from the cold/flu that would not die. It was an endless cycle of symptoms of varying intensity. As soon as the runny nose left the cough would show up, when the cough subsided the fever would hit. I lost my voice four times and at one point my back was so sore I spent two whole days with a heatie wheatie bag firmly attached and received a mild burn as a result(it looks like a large spider web-esque bruise along my spine). Achey and exhausted for months on end I had to cut something to ease the pressure on my daily schedule and allow me the rest I needed to recover. I wasn’t giving up writing or caring for my son so I decided to take a temporary hiatus from blogging.

Actually it was more than a blogging hiatus, it was an internet hiatus. I stopped reading blogs, only checked my emails every 3-4 days, even Facebook was ignored for a 12 day stretch. Pinterest didn’t even get a look in for two months.

The last few days I’ve been getting better (after FINALLY seeing a doctor who was smart enough to tell me there is an antibiotic you CAN take while breastfeeding) so I’ve been hitting the internet running.

Pinterest: check

Facebook – now smothered in several months-worth of photos of Xander: check

Goodreads reviews updated: check

Returning to the blog: check

Looking forward to seeing you all regularly again 😀


  1. Erica

    Take care Kirstie! I’m glad you found a doctor that could help:)

  2. MsMandie

    Welcome back Kirstie 🙂
    MsMandie recently posted..Lamb Shanks Are Dead To MeMy Profile

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