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I Won Tea!

a big box of tea

I love tea. I’m not sure I would be capable of writing if there wasn’t a tea cup within arms reach. When one of my favourite blogs, Stuff With Thing, did a contest where all you had to do was comment on the blog about what you snack on while reading I had to confess there that I drink tea. To my surprise (even though I thought my entry might be a little dull for the judges (Marita’s lovely daughters Annie and Heidi)) I won the prize pack of Nature’s Cuppa organic tea.

When I came home from work today there was a package on my door. Since it was way too large for the business cards I ordered (yes, I have made myself some business cards, I promise to talk about them soon) I knew it had to be the prize pack. Since generally I don’t win things (I have good luck, it just tends to manifest in different ways) I was very excited. I proceeded to take a photo of the box before opening, then of the contents, then of the contents of the box within the box! (A bit like pass the parcel, and just as fun.)

All the different flavours of organic tea – even some organic coffee

I haven’t had the time to try all the flavours, but I have enjoyed a cup of the chai (I am a chai addict at the moment, a passion I share with one of my sisters in law). It was rich and peppery and delicious. Quite strong too since I let it brew for the 4 minutes the box recommended. If you like a gentler flavour perhaps don’t allow the tea to steep quite so long, but it was still wonderful.

There is a lot of tea in here. I won’t have to go buy tea for a long time. Thanks Marita and Nature’s Cuppa for your generosity!

I won the prize pack (as I mentioned above) but am under no obligation to comment/blog about the tea. However I am very excited and have loved my first cup, so wanted to anyway. All opinions are my own and not paid for.


A chai tea and some novel revision? Sounds like a good day at work to me.


  1. Marita

    You are so lovely, thank you 🙂

    Annie picked your comment about the chai because she is enjoying chai herself at the moment and also because she really related to the difficulties of dunking biscuits and getting the pages of your book messy.
    Marita recently posted..Mother Nature’s Sleep Remedy… GiveawayMy Profile

    • Kirstie

      Thank-you too. If this keeps going on we could be thanking each other ad infinitum ;p
      Annie has good taste since she’s loving chai 🙂

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