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Going For Goals – March 2016

doing a whole lot of this during March

doing a whole lot of this during March

Oops! I was so busy actually working on my monthly goals I forgot to share them with you!

I found four different anthologies with open submission calls that I really liked the themes of. Two have very soon dead lines, but two are a bit further off, so I thought I’d work hard on writing and revising the sooner two stories.


  • Write Sugar Cane and Swamp Monsters (projected length 7,000 words)
  • Write Glass Slippers (projected length 15,000 words) I’ve already written 9,500 ;p
  • Begin revisions on both Sugar Cane and Swamp Monsters and Glass Slippers
  • Help with the promotion of the release of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #63 (which contains my story Gaps) and Leading Edge #68 (which contains my story Charming) which both come out this month
  • Complete plot outline for first Charming Sequel
  • Complete plot outline for (working title)Kitsune In Space
  • Figure out the plotting problems with the end of Skeleton Romance(working title) so I can finish the novel (more about this in tomorrow’s blog post)
  • Complete final revisions on The Troll’s Toll so it’s ready for editors

Stretch Goal:

  • Write Charming sequel
  • Finish the ending of Skeleton Romance

Also, I’m going to have to try hard not to use this adorable Cthulhu emoticon (;,,,;)


  1. Richard Hunsucker

    Ah, remind me to prepare my next month’s goals.
    Richard Hunsucker recently posted..Blogging Underground ReviewMy Profile

    • Kirstie Olley

      Actually, I program a reminder in my phone two days before months end in case I forgot to plan, then another on the first of the month just in case I got busy with other things ;p Smart phones sure come in handy (;,,,;)

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