Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

Image sourced from Wikimedia Commons

In addition to setting my yearly, overarching goals, I’m setting myself monthly goals. Some of these goals I’ve set now, well in advance, and others I will play a bit more by ear – I know what they’ll be but have no set month I intend to finish them during.


For January my goals are:

  • Write ‘Skeleton Romance’ (very loose working title) novella
  • Prep a years worth of writing prompts for the Vision Writers website
  • Make the new banner for the Vision Writers website
  • Continue updates on various pages of the Vision Writers website
  • Final review of The Troll’s Toll to prepare it for beta readers
  • Find beta readers for The Troll’s Toll and reciprocate
  • Send Foxworth to the Foxworth Feedback Community for beta reading

Stretch Goal:

  • Plot outline Footprints In the Sand novella and check with friend in police force to ensure I’m procedurally correct for a rural NSW police force


So far I’ve written nearly 15,000 words in the projected 30,000 word novella I’m temporarily calling Skeleton Romance, and I’ve prepped 7 writing prompts for Vision. Through voting with the active members we’ve settled on an image for the Vision banner and I’ve been collecting info to update several pages of the website.

Not a bad start for the month/year – lets hope I can maintain the pace.