fabJanuary went well, I completed or near-completed all the goals I set for the month(though I didn’t touch my stretch goal), made some great progress on my yearly goals, and received three acceptance letters for short stories. That’s given me the confidence and drive to make February, FABruary.

I know, it’s a smaller list than January. Let me explain. I have two more stories I should be receiving edits on this month, and a possible third which could drop on me at any time. Also our family has a couple of weekends away planned, and I know I won’t do any writing then because I’ll be having family fun. That and this list doesn’t include things like the reciprocal feedback I’m giving my beta readers, the critiquing I do each month for my writers group and all my household goals that have nothing to do with my writing (like cleaning the spare bedroom and organising Xander’s toy mountain).

Without further ado, FABruary’s goals are:

  • Finish the first draft of Skeleton Romance(very loose working title)
  • Get betas back for The Troll’s Toll and utilise feedback
  • Get betas back for Foxworth and utillise
  • Write the new Charming sequel

And my stretch goal is:

  • Write some flash fiction with Holly’s course (or at least use it to give me some short stories)

I need that stretch goal because I’ve almost run out of short fiction to sell traditionally. If I want to keep making traditional sales I’m going to need some more material ;p