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Writers Are Lovely People

I’m not saying this to toot my own horn as a ‘lovely person’, I swear. The last few days has taught me how nice and helpful writers can be to each other.

As an online community it is hard not to find a writer’s blog or site that offers some tips or advice on how to improve your writing or get published (self or traditional). We offer free books to our readers (okay, true, we’re hoping to gain your love as a fan by doing so, but still free books are nice, aren’t they?). There’s also the direct contact too.

On facebook I sent out a message asking if anyone was interested in reading my latest short story, ‘The Wyvern’s Sting’ to give me a few reader reactions so I could tighten it up before submitting it to Belladonna Publishing’s Black Apples Anthology.

I had imagined a few of my non-writer friends putting their hands up, but my first two volunteers were members of my writer’s group. I was very happy to see eyes I know will find every dirty little flaw will be looking over the story. Since they would be looking over a story of mine later in the month I didn’t want to ask my critique group friends because I didn’t want to demand too much of their time (particularly because they are both further along in their publication journey than I am). And here they offer their time and advice up freely, happy to help an emerging writer.

There you have it. Writers are lovely people.

Do you agree? Is there anyone else you think is a wonderful person who deserves a mention?


  1. Elizabeth Barone

    I love the community that we have available to us. I’ve met so many lovely people who were more than willing to help. It’s been amazing!
    Elizabeth Barone recently posted..Writing Tip #1: Creating “Oh, Shit!” MomentsMy Profile

    • Kirstie

      It’s wonderful. For a group that’s stereotypically viewed as typing/scribbling alone in a room we are actually very social and eager to help.

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