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Upcoming Appearance At Brisbane Writers Festival

The Brisbane Writers Festival loves to trip you out ;p

The Brisbane Writers Festival loves to trip you out ;p

Exciting news! Vision Writers are making another appearance at the Brisbane Writers Festival.

Are you curious as to how the meetings are run? Wondering how cutting the critiques are? Just want to check out our ugly mugs? Well drop by the Kuril Dhagun lounge (in the State Library Queensland) at 4pm on Saturday 5th of September and you can have all those questions answered.

You can book your free tickets on the Brisbane Writers Festival website now, or come along on the day. The site says bookings essential, but unless we go over capacity showing up on the day is fine.

Three members will be reading their short stories aloud to you and then the rest of the group will either praise or eviscerate them for your entertainment. What more could you want from a Saturday afternoon?


  1. Gabrielle Bryden

    sounds like fun šŸ˜‰ enjoy!

    • Kirstie Olley

      Thanks, it was great fun last year so it should be again this year šŸ™‚

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