So. After such a killer start my NaNo unraveled pretty severely. Cars broke down, children got sick, more days at work and much longer shifts (which were added to even more by having to bus it to work instead of just taking the car), and an epic amount of effort was put into finding a daycare for Xander to attend for two days because no one else could work those shifts at work (oh the joys of console launches) but our current daycare didn’t have those days available.

I barely touched my computer for two weeks. You don’t even want to imagine what my two email accounts look like. No really. You’d think I’d been spam bombed, but that’s just what an inbox looks like when you haven’t opened it for twelve days.

So after a killer start to NaNo, I’m now 20,000 words behind. And yet, still not gonna give up.

I'll be channeling this guy (and yes I know I've used this image five time before, that just how awesome it is)

I’ll be channeling this guy (and yes I know I’ve used this image five time before, that’s just how awesome it is)

I have five days. Sure I’m working three of them, but to hell with that. 4,000 words a day will see me win. I’ve already done 2,000 of today’s quota this morning so lets see if I can win this thing.

Cheerleaders totally wanted (ie/ fluff my ego, tell me I can totally do this)