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Random Title Generator Fun

Thanks to Chuck Wendig’s Flash fiction challenge this week I’ve discovered a very fun little toy for writers, the random title generator. The challenge only told us to write one story from the five the machine will generate. I did that. But there were some other good titles even in just that roll, so I rolled a few more times, and now I’m sharing those random titles (the good and the ‘ummm what?’ alike) for your amusement.


Bloodstained Doctor – I can’t think of anything not fanfiction, I’m hardwired that way I think…

Stars of the Phantom – oooh, this would make a cool little novella or something as a sequel to my novel ‘Written By The Stars’

Worm’s Comet – that’s the one I did, click the link to read it 😀

The Sun of the Living Waters – I’ve got an idea tingling, but it’s not strong as of yet

Reckless’s Hieroglyph – yes that’s an apostrophe, not a typo

In the Mistletoe of the Secret Jewels – yeah, what?

The Casket of the Iron Cosmic Pain – sounds too emo for me

Above a Pirate With a Rules – yay for grammar ;p

Accusing Child Under Red Doom – ok then

Strange War On Copper Cindarella – sounds kinda mythpunky, I might be able to do something with that

Beyond the Trail – why hello, I can definitely do something with this.

Guardian’s Devil – hmmmmm

Accidental Graveyard With Midnight Moonlight – I could do something with this, but I need to figure out how the weird phrasing in the title can work nicely into the story

Come Apocalypse – I do love me an apocalypse.

Link Shadow – more fan fiction, I won’t go there ;p


The-Guided-Fate-Paradox-logoAlso, I just learned about a new JRPG and it has the most amazing I’m-totally-jealous-I-didn’t-come-up-with-that-first title.

“The Guided Fate Paradox”.

Worse still it releases November (in America, no word on Aussie release date as of yet). No pretty game, don’t shatter my NaNoWriMo!

I’m currently working on my third attempt at a story for my group’s anthology (I keep blowing out the word count) and it’s tentatively title “The Eighteenth Soldier”.

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    Hi Kirstie,

    I am going to challenge myself and do five short stories with my generated titles. Thanks for sharing.

    The Wall Will Be First
    Guardian Born
    With Reckless Intention
    The Mask Is Last
    First Power

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