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Magic Rules

I want to share an interesting link with you all, particularly my writing friends.

Here it is – Why Does Magic Need So Many Rules?

I am so on the same page. Everywhere you turn (in the world of fantasy writing) people tell you that your magic system needs to be formulated and restricted in a set way, and while some points I’ve heard are valid, others I’ve sat there and thought ‘ya kiddin’ me?’ but kept that internalised, fearful I would be laughed at for saying exactly that – seriously people, it’s magic.

It also reminds me I really need to read the Earthsea Quartet.


  1. Kath Lockett

    Agree. Most ‘real’ writers (by that I mean the hugely successful ones) admit that they were given their break and means to success because they *didn’t* stick to the rules.

    After all, when people say, “here, you’ve gotta read this,” they don’t then say “…because it sticks to all the rules,” do they?

    • Kirstie

      I’ve never recommended or been recommended a book in such a fashion, that’s for sure!

  2. Richie

    Talk about the worm can being opened! I would write a seriouseresponse to this but it would be: far too long, probibaly state things u already know and agree with, pormpt way to many questions and coments from other people either responding to something i say adding to it, create way to many comunication errors and missunderstandings (cuz inflection hold so much more power than people give it credit for!) and generaly just make a mess! All i really wanna say is wait till the next gatherin and bring this up! Im sure we wont be short on opinions and ideas then! But remember no matter what side he’s argueing for nate will be wrong!

    • Kirstie

      lol, poor Nate. We’ll have to organise something soon.

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