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Holy Crap

I just finished my second novel.

Wow, my head is spinning with the excitement and I feel like I can’t catch my breath even though I’ve not run or danced or am having an asthma attack.

It’s hard to believe that what took me nearly ten years the first time around has this time taken only a smidge over two months – definitely an improvement on efficiency. I started on February 14 with the intention of entering the novel in the Vogel Awards (since changed my mind). That’s crazy fast. Admittedly, I had the idea a little over two years ago but had never tapped out anything more than a general outline and one funny bit of banter between the main characters and the occasional scribble of an idea I had from time to time. On the 14th I outlined the whole thing into scenes in Scrivener and on the 15th I started to write. Now, on the 19th of April, I have finished my first draft.

Fanta’s Story (which I’m considering calling ‘All the Stars’ or something damn close to that) is 65,000 words, but will probably end up a little longer in revision as I’ve had a few ideas and need to develop a few more things in my revision. If you’re curious and on Pintrest, I have two boards up related to this novel: ‘For All the Stars’ and ‘Clothing Research For My Latest Novel’. A bit more of a description will be coming in my next post, but I’ll leave you hanging for now for the sake of this post’s brevity.

So what’s on the-to do list now? Well I need to revise. It’s only the first draft I’ve completed and I’d be ashamed for anyone to see it yet (apart from perhaps my parents). First I’ll probably make myself read something non-fiction (after I finish ‘The Forbidden Land’ anyway), then re-read my book on revision (I have two, so I’ll probably flip a coin) then try to do the best edit I can. After that off to my loyal test readers and while they devour it, onto the next project, which is still a bit up in the air as to what it will be.

Well, now I’ve made this post its time to run spell check ;p


  1. MsMandie

    Fantastic news! Congratulations 🙂

    • Kirstie

      Thank-you, I can’t stop grinning.

  2. andy and sue

    WELL DONE KIRSTIE!! Mum has been reading through so far, and is impressed, will talk soon love.

    • Kirstie

      Let me know when you get close to the end of what I printed out and I’ll email the ending to you 😀 Hope you guys are having fun on your adventure!

  3. Jen

    Well done! Otsukaresama!

    • Kirstie

      Arigatou! I am a little exhausted after it all – but that wonderful, wipe-the-sweat-off-your-brow-smiling kind of exhausted. There’s still lots to be done, but it feels great to have passed the first hurdle.

  4. Marita

    That is amazing 🙂

    Also I love your pinterest boards.

    • Kirstie

      Thank-you, I’m hoping to add more to the boards soon but Pinterest time keeps getting spent on other things the last few days.

  5. MsMandie

    Hi Kirstie, just wanted to let you know I’m loving the blog and have passed on the “Liebster Award” to you! Feel free to check out what it’s all about:
    Mandie 🙂

    • Kirstie

      Thank-you, I’m definately going to accept it, I’m just trying to figure out who to give it to. I’m a little worried I might accidentally insult someone by implying I think they have less than 200 followers, even though what I’m meaning to say is ‘you inspire me’). Thanks again 😀

  6. Sonata

    That is truly amazing!

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