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Byron Bay Writers’ Festival Workshops

I’m totally AFK at the moment.

I’m down in Bryon Bay for several of the writers festival workshops and made the dreadful mistake of leaving my laptop at home. Oh folly! The only reason I’m able to write this post is because I downloaded the WordPress app for my phone. So you are currently reading my first post written from my phone (let’s see how many words autocorrect will mutilate!).

Yesterday I attended a ‘Getting Published’ workshop with Annette Barlow. The workshop is geared toward enabling writers to better understand what it is publishers want from you.

I enjoyed hearing a publisher’s viewpoint of everything. The class is one of the classes offered (or a splinter from the classes offered) by Faber Academy, Allen and Unwin’s writer academy (I’ll provide links when I’m not on my phone).

Today I attended a fiction master class with MJ Hyland. Her critiquing techniques were really interesting and thought provoking, but I was definitely the odd duck since I was the only genre writer in a room full of literary fiction and YA writers. I loved the interrogating she did to help people get to the core of their plots. I’ll try to write about that in more detail later (perhaps when I’m not on my phone).

All this is a very long winded way of saying I’ll be posting my goals round up post late ;p


  1. Erica Bourke

    Incredible amount of information you are picking up! I’ve never known anyone more dedicated to the writing process or improving it! Congratulations as I have no doubt you will achieve many of your dreams 🙂

    • Kirstie Olley

      Thanks Erica. Like a lot of writers though I wasn’t always, I have more than ten novel starts sitting in a graveyard on my hard drive from the days when I could never commit to completing one idea. One day I just realised, I can either dream about it and dabble or I can go out there and start kicking ass and writing stories (as opposed to taking names, which I doubt is very handy in writing and might have issues later in copyright ;p )

  2. Elizabeth Barone

    Ooh, I’m a little jealous! 😉

    Writers’ workshops and conferences are so, so valuable. I did a signing event at Barnes & Noble last night and got to gab with a bunch of local authors, all from different genres and publishers. I represented indie authors. It was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot of things.

    Enjoy. You deserve it!
    Elizabeth Barone recently posted..How to Be More PatientMy Profile

    • Kirstie Olley

      Thanks Liz, I’m getting so much out of these workshops and conferences as well as meeting some cool people. Totally jealous you got to do a book signing 😀 I bet that was all kinds of awesome.

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