I’ve been having a few problems with my website not loading these last few days, but I’ve updated a few things and that should fix it all now.

On a big plus side my vertigo is almost completely gone. I still get a little wonky if I’m tired or push to hard, but I can read without words getting jumbled and walk (mostly) normally again.

I’ve fallen way behind on reading all the blogs I follow. It was hard enough to keep up to date on my reading challenge with the vertigo, so I didn’t even look at my feedlist and now… well let’s just say it’s going to take a while to catch up ;p

On a positive note I’ve managed to get back to revision and writing and my day job, so life is almost back to (my version of) normal.

Added after posting: While going through that massive list of blogs I came across Chuck Wendig’s reaction to the series finale of How I Met Your Mother (spoilers and bad language warning for that link) and after reading the part where he said “You can’t build some fancy skyscraper and then put a giant ceramic clown taking a dump at the top of it.” I felt compelled to share with him this (which I share with you with just as much mirth), the Asahi building in Tokyo.