This guy is my hero

This guy is my hero

I’m working on an idea for an anthology my writers’ group is planning on creating, and have a fantastic idea. Or is that two? It’s difficult to tell.

I want the story to be set in the same mythpunk world which Charming, The Troll’s Toll, Groundskeeper, and The Wyvern’s Sting are set in, but the best part of the idea involves a trip into our world, and I’m not sure if I want there to be a physical link between Mythpunkia (definitely NOT the official name) and our world.

I’m not dead set against it. But it doesn’t sit well in my stomach. I prefer the thought to be Mythpunkia rides in the dreams of those who wrote the fairy tales and fables.

Also there’s a matter of word count. If we do have this trip to our world I’m fairly certain I’m going to blow the 5,000 word limit to shreds. Yet, if I remove the trip, my protagonist’s whole quest pretty much unravels. It would become too much of a quest of introspection and I’m not sure I want that.

I could always set it in a different world, but two things make that an even less appealing choice. Firstly, my protagonist Mizzy is perfect in Mythpunkia, it suits her from top to tail and secondly I want the story set in Mythpunkia because then anyone who reads the anthology and feels an interest in the world will seek out my other stories. So a feeling from the heart and a cold marketing strategy from the brain.

And let’s not forget I’m actually supposed to be editing at the moment >.<

I think I’ll just write it in the form it is now and hope I can fit it into 5,000 words. If it doesn’t then I can worry about how to split it into two.