One of my critique group buddies shared some info from a writing magazine she’s subscribed to with me and that’s how I came across Found Fiction.

The idea is a story or poem is slipped in an envelope marked ‘read me’ and left places. Any place, a bus stop, a cafe, inside a book at a bookstore. Some one will spot it and (assuming they don’t watch too many horror movies where this sort of thing doesn’t end well) they open it and read it. Ideally they will then tweet or post about it on Facebook so Found Fiction know their fun is spreading.

Of course I love the idea. I’m already looking into how to become a distributor and certainly wouldn’t mind getting a story or two dropped in random places around the world either.

I’d love to drop a slew of Found Fiction around at writers’ festivals (like BWF and BBWF) that I go to this year, and trust me, even though my vertigo is back and I have hardly managed to walk all week (oh and my doctor says no driving >:( ) I’ll still find ways to get some fiction into new hands.

If you’d like to check them out yourself you can find Found Fiction on Facebook and Twitter.