source: Wikimedia commons

source: Wikimedia commons

When I started writing this crazy story(the one I’m calling ‘My Skeleton Romance’ for lack of an actual name at the moment) I thought it would be a novella length, a bit longer than The Troll’s Toll (which is 20,ooo words). I guessed probably 30,000. However I’m passing 25 k (half a NaNoWriMo novel!) and I’m about a third of the way through the plot.

I’m not writing super lean, but I’m not fluffing about padding either. I’m just having so much fun with some of the characters. My supporting cast are stepping up and saying, “hey, I’m more important than the role you’ve assigned me. Here, how about you give me some depth by doing this? And you know what, that’ll go and complicate things for your protagonist too”

The story was supposed to be a romance with a bizarre fantasy/horror twist to it, the romance has taken a back seat to the ‘coming out’ side of the story for the first half (it’s growing a bit more romantic now) and other character relationships have become much more significant that I’d planned.

While I was laying out the plot I was astounding myself with some of the ideas I was having, and now it’s happening all over again.

It looks like this story is going to be a novel perhaps, not a novella. Either way, lets finish this draft first, then do some revision before I start trying to square it away into a box.