Oomph-frontcover-1000Huzzah! Yesterday Oomph: A Little Super Goes A Long Way released. Inside this cutely awesome cover hides another short story of mine: Short Circuit.

Oomph is available in print and for e-readers and is filled with stories of super heroes whose powers are less than awesome, not that they let that get in their way!

Short Circuit is about a sixteen year old struggling to be a good hero. She can manipulate electricity but not create it, meaning she has to electrocute herself daily to charge up for combat and is constantly running out in the heat of battle. You’ll enjoy plenty of team battles, a touch of unrequited love, and plenty of laughs.

I wrote Short Circuit specifically for ‘Oomph’. The character and her world already existed for another story (which I swear I’ll do as soon as I can rope an artist into making a comic with me), so I really just opened a window into what was originally back story for that character. It was a lot of fun writing the story, and reminded me of the fluctuating confidence of teenagers (one second you’re queen bee the next you don’t know if you can ever show your face in public again).

And awesomely this also enables me to become an Amazon Author as well (without having to self-publish!).

If you want to grab a copy, head over to Crossed Genres to select print or e-reader version and then let me know what you think.