A very cool QR code on a billboard in Tokyo

Now this is cool. What a great idea.

Reader Engagement With Transmedia (How To Use QR Codes)

For those too lazy to read the linked article I’ll summarise, QR Codes can be used in e-books to enhance reader interaction, linking to soundtrack music, additional information and more.

I’m quite in love with my QR code I made for this site, and you’ve probably seen that I included it in my business card. How fun would it be to do something like offer bookmarks at a book signing with a QR code on the bottom which leads to an exclusive site (which you only reach with the code) containing extra content for the book, like a short story, alternate covers, initial character sketches (if you’re arty) or other stuff that might intrigue. If word got out about these book marks at your signings perhaps more people would come, meaning more face time with readers and more people in local book stores (lifts up sign ‘save the book stores’ and waves it around).

If you like that idea you can run with it, I’m happy to share, but I’d love if anyone asks where you got the idea from if you’d link them back to me.

I’ve been obsessed with QR codes since I went to Japan just over two years ago. Even back then QR codes were on EVERYTHING! They were on the massive billboard on Shibuya 109, they were on a1 posters around train stations, on little advertisements on vending machines, even on the tissue packs the cute promo girls give you out the front of train stations(you’ll never run out of tissues in Tokyo!). I was curious what they were and excited when I learned more. Sadly I didn’t have a smart phone back then, but I have since and trust me it gets a workout.

The thought of playing with QR codes like this really excites me, and the ideas are coming at me at a mile a minute. I hope I can get them all down… and eventually get back to my NaNo novel.