Om nom library card

Today I finally got my library card.

It’s shocking, I know. How does someone who reads at least two books a month have gone so many years without a library card? Well I always had the disposable income to buy whatever book tickled my fancy. I know when you borrow the book from the library it is supposedly tallied up so the publishers know the author’s book is being read (the internet says so, so I guess it must be true…), but I know buying the book leads to more benefits for the author so would buy because that mattered to me.

Now my disposable income is dramatically smaller (and what little I do have keeps getting spent on Xander) and I can’t just buy anything I see and want (which is my habit).  Over the last few months my ‘To Be Read’ pile has been reaching almost manageable levels (I mean gosh, I can’t remember the last time I was down to ten books left to read), but of course interesting books keep sweeping by asking for me to buy them and I’ve had to be strong and say no. Afterwards I go home and write the title in a Notepad file on my laptop and there the book sits and waits, and soon, very soon I will go to the library and borrow it.

So many cool features have been added to libraries since I last went too. Apparently you can now go online and search if the book you want is there at the branch you want and if it isn’t you can just email a request to transfer it and they’ll SMS you when it arrives in the branch. Wow! Technology!

I feel so old saying that.

It’s crazy that some of my fondest memories of my youth were spent in the Lismore library, yet I haven’t owned a library card since moving out of home.

Is anyone else out there like me? Or could you not live life without your library card in your wallet/purse? And does anyone know if the internet is lying to me by claiming authors still get acknowledged for how many times their book is borrowed from the library?