When I made my goal list for this year (you can read them here) I spaced on an important goal.

A very important goal.


A small collection of writing books

A small collection of writing books

Of course I had intentions to learn more through the year. I had a goal I didn’t publish of ensuring I submitted a piece every month to my critique group and a thought of perhaps finding a second critique group so I could be critiquing and getting critiqued more than once a month. I also have ordered and downloaded some more books on writing and self-editing. My dream is to have enough money to buy a professional manuscript assessment/edit sometime through the year.

Somehow I forgot to make myself accountable for my goal to learn more.

I want to be a better writer. I want to see my stories published. My deepest desire is to one day have someone tell me they have a crush on one of my characters.

I’m going to learn and grow as much as I can this year.

What do you want to learn or learn more about?

The prize!

The prize!

Now, for a bit of fun and to help promote some learning I’ve decided to do my first giveaway (yay!). I’m giving away my spare copy of Elizabeth Lyon’s ‘Manuscript Makeover’, a great book on self-editing and revision which gives many tips to help you improve your writing in general as well. For anyone concerned, this is an unread copy, I have two due to a gift giving mix-up and I’ll be keeping my well-read copy for myself.

The winner will have to be willing to provide their postal address to me so I can send the prize when the contest is over. Without further ado, behold: The Rafflecopter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway