Just for laughs

It’s very easy when taking on projects to have too many balls in the air. Between juggling writing(and revising) my novels, writing this blog, being a mum and making enough money with my part-time job I’m kept pretty busy. I prioritise with care, obviously Xander comes first in everything I do (even over sleep sometimes – such is the life of a mum).

I thought I was doing a good job. Okay maybe I wasn’t writing on this blog as often as I initially goaled to (my goal was every two to three days, but it more like every four) but I was keeping on track. Then I remembered my emails.

I – like some people – have several email addresses. There’s one for things I sign up to, newletters, forums, websites. I call that email my spam-mail because more often than not the emails aren’t all that important. That address has a silly name I made up when I was fourteen, you can tell, because it’s Sailor Moon themed. I check that email every few days, just when I have the time and tend to delete half of my messages without reading.

Next there’s my professional email, which I use for querying agents, sending emails related to my other job (not many of those now I’m part time though) and important writing things. I check that inbox multiple times each day.

Then there’s the email I was given when I paid for hosting this blog. The one in my ‘contact me’ section. I diligently checked it multiple times a day as well, but after three months of receiving absolutely no mail on that address I set up a re-direct to my professional email. At least I thought I had. Apparently I’m not as tech savvy as I thought because my redirect didn’t work and I missed an email letting me know I’d been nominated for an award and how to join the voting. The voting finished a month ago. I only discovered this because I accidentally clicked open Outlook instead of Notepad and it loaded.

When I looked a little closer my blog probably wouldn’t have won since the award was for blogs of a particular content on which I’ve only posted about once or twice, but it is not so much the award that matters as the opportunity.

When you have too many balls in the air sometimes you can miss an opportunity because you’re too busy juggling.

But how do you know if the ball you chose to put down to make the juggling easier wasn’t the one which had the opportunity?


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