A lot of storytellers will tell you that while they drive, while they walk down the street, while they hang out the washing they tell little stories in their heads. Sometimes they’re fleshing out a novel or short story, sometimes they’re just fantasizing that in a few seconds a dragon will drop down in front of them and whisk them off to a fabulous land far more fantastic than a place where dishes need to be done and day jobs need to be punctually attended.

As you can probably guess, I also do this. This weekend though I took it to a new level.

I managed to catch one of those nasty 24 hour bugs. I won’t divulge the nasty little details, but let’s say it was highly unpleasant. However even as I was using every possible trick I know to not throw-up I was still concocting stories in the back of my mind.

So either I’m a born storyteller or I’m a complete nutter. Not that those things must be separate diagnoses.

Does anyone else play out stories randomly through the day, or have a particularly odd time when they have done so?