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A Quick Word On Determination

You have a dream right? Most people do. Mine is pretty obvious I think. So I ask you, what are you doing to make your dream come true?

keep-calm-and-pull-your-socks-upYou know that friend who dreams of winning the lotto, but never buys a ticket? If you aren’t doing something to get yourself closer to your dream, then same thing (though you’re more likely to be hit by lightning than win lotto, fact!) Do something about your dream. Make steps toward it, even if it’s only baby steps (like writing 100 words a day).

Today I’ve been sick (won’t go into details, don’t want to gross you out), but I still managed to edit some work and send off a submission. That’s what determination does.

I’m not saying you always gotta work through the pain and illness, just that one excuse becomes another and another and before you know it you haven’t taken any steps toward your dream in a week, a month, a year… You’ve got to have determination to work through the excuses that aren’t really valid.

I have friends who put even my efforts today to shame.

I wasted enough of my younger years just dreaming, never really working. Don’t let yourself fall in the same trap.

Don’t just “follow your dream”, overtake it.

Chatting With Dad

I had an interesting chat with my father. After he read my post regarding perhaps not entering my work in progress in the Vogel awards (due to it not being the sort of genre that usually wins) we discussed the whys and why nots and eventually started to talk about the viability of self-publishing as an option versus my desire to see my books in traditional print. Some people self-publish their first book and with good marketing make it a hit and use that popularity to entice a publisher to accept their next novel. Others have a few traditionally published novels but then have problems with publishers and decide to self-publish the rest of their works since they already have a fan-base.

Either way, with self-publishing you need to have a strong marketing ability. You need multiple platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, Linkedin. It all looks like so much to do on top of writing and taking care of a child, but it’s what you need to do if you want to make it.

Of course having a supportive family like my parents and my husband makes things much easier, but the pressures of limited time, lost sleep and finances still loom, shaking their figurative fists at me. As it is I have to get up before my family to find time to maintain my website, do my blogging and write my work in progress. I stay up after my husband and child have gone to bed sometimes too just to fit in time to write. I take my opportunities wherever I can, stealing them during Xander’s naps or moments when he’s quite happy to just sit and play near my feet.

What someone who wants to get published really needs is determination. Determination to find that time and use it productively. With so much to do, be it the writing itself, marketing, platform creating or all your usual daily tasks you need to be able to find and recognise that 10 minutes that you normally may have wasted looking at things you want on ebay and instead use it to build that platform or get down a few more ideas for the next story.

Ten minutes shouldn’t be too hard to find, where can you find your first ten minutes?

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