I have my layout set up (huzzah!), all my link colours and borders suit my background. I’m sick as a dog but I worked for hours yesterday afternoon and evening with code I’m a total amatuer at to get this far and even did my poor attempt at graphic designing with my header image. I considered manpulating the header to blend in with my background more (Ie/ have some of the fish who disappear under the header have those missing heads and fins appear on the border of the header giving it a slightly more seamless appearance) but I’m pretty sure different resolutions would render that effort useless on any computer that doesn’t have the same screen resolution as mine. I vaguely remember back in my Sailor Moon Fan Page making days of 14-15 years old that websites always used to claim ‘best viewed in *this browser* at *this resolution*’ or do these new fangled CSS thingys render all that moot? (I told you I’m a n00b at this new type of code)

I don’t want to spend further hours tinkering with images only to discover it doesn’t look good to anyone else, particularly since I’m sick with the flu. Does anyone know? Also, how does it look? Any suggestions if you don’t like something? I’d love to hear your feedback.