spot the maniacSo, I’m a weirdo.

What’s led me to this realisation this time (I realise this fact anew on a regular basis) is my reaction to my critique group’s feedback yesterday.

When I submitted ‘Groundskeeper’ last year it was well received and one person (whom I quite admire as a writer) told me with a little bit of tidying I would probably be able to get a magazine to publish it. I was chuffed, but didn’t action the changes for a few months.

Yesterday I had another piece reviewed. This story was also generally well received, but this time with some stronger criticism. The feedback was constructive, coming with examples and is something I could action not just in this individual piece but across my writing as a whole to improve my quality. I came racing home, eager to work not just on that piece but on other projects too and see what I could do with this feedback.

In summary – one piece got told it was great, didn’t need much work, took forever to get around to it. Another piece received more criticism and I rushed home, excited, unable to wait to get to work.

I’m a weirdo.

But maybe the sort of weirdo an editor would enjoy working with ;p