Wow, I never realised how out of the loop I was. I never even heard of a book trailer until I was reading a blog (Spellbound by Books) and saw at the bottom of one of the posts (this one) a ‘book trailer’. Curious I clicked and entered the world of book trailers.

What a great way to advertise your book in a world full of interactivity. Plus it must be very exciting to see your book on film, even if only as a small advertisement.

Wow! This is so cool! Sorry about the repeated use of exclamation points, but when you feel it, you feel it. I’m super excited and want to make one for Storybook Perfect. Of course I’d need models/actors for my primary characters and I need at least the beach/camp setting and one setting for Azulia (the other world) and I’d have to make the costumes somehow. No idea where I’ll find the time or money for that… but I’m already visualising storyboards in my mind. It’s like someone pushed a cart onto a slope, you can’t stop me now. Of course it will take a while, there’s so much to do both with that and all my other projects, but I’ll find the time somewhere, somehow.

Of course, being a n00b to book trailers in general I really want to see more to get an idea of what is the right and wrong way to go about them, if anyone out there has favourites or favourite-to-laugh-ats please let me know, I’d love to see them all.