As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been quite sick for a while now. Actually, wait a moment, that’s not quite the start of this story, let’s rewind to when I was pregnant. Instead of the modest 7-19kg that is healthy to gain whilst pregnant, I put on 38 kilos (yup, THAT much). Obviously that took me up a few clothing sizes. In the time since giving birth I have lost a sizable chunk of that weight (25kilos actually) but those last 13 kgs were stubbornly remaining on me. Naturally this meant all my old clothes stayed up in boxes at the top of the closet ignored for a couple of years now.

Back to the present now. Recently I was irritated by the fact that all my current jeans are falling off my hips and decided to try a pair of my old jeans on and – huzzah! – I’m able to fit in my old pre-pregnancy jeans.

Naturally I’m delighted to be able to pull those boxes down from the top shelf and put some old faves back on and I’m ecstatic to be almost back in my old body (still got a stubborn 4kg to go, but really not that fussed by them), however it doesn’t feel like an achievement because I did nothing but convalesce on my sick bed.

Now I’m not saying I’m not glad with the results, I’m just curious as to whether I should define this as an achievement or is it just something that happened?