AAlogoJust the other day I learned the Aurealis Awards have changed their website location from AurealisAwards.com to AurealisAwards.org . Expecting the old page would go down soon I went through my posts linking to it to try and avoid any dead links.

While checking it out I came across a fantastic ego boost. The official judges’ report for the 2013 awards, which details what the judges thought of each individual piece. Curious, I checked out ‘Short Circuit’ (pg 13 if you want to look for yourself) and this is what I read:

This superhero-style short story was whimsical, playful, and delightfully more-ish. The panel was effectively unanimous in expressing the hope that there would be more stories forthcoming within this milieu.

Well, I’ll just strut around for a bit with my thumbs hooked under my (imaginary) suspenders.

It also makes me glad there are a lot more stories in this world. I’ve been wanting to find an artist and have them done as a comic, but perhaps I should write them instead? If you want to get more of a feel for the extended world, you can find out a little in the ‘For Fans’ page for Short Circuit and I’d love to know if you think it would be better as graphic novel or written word.